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The Stanley Brehaut Ryerson library was first established at Stanley Ryerson’s home on Lorne Street in Montreal’s McGill ghetto. It later moved for five years to the Atwater Library and is now at 160 St Viateur east in the Mile End district of Montreal. The setup of books and furniture is meticulously arranged to reflect the organization and the atmosphere bequeathed to the Aubin Foundation by Stanley B. Ryerson. His collection of 8,000 titles are carefully arranged, and include rare books, historical brochures and other documents from diverse sources, some of which are personally annotated. The Centre’s collection has been supplemented by some of Ryerson’s peers and colleagues and is constantly being updated. It consists of approximately 14,000 documents mainly with a Marxist focus, covering political economy, the history of revolutions and the labour movement around the world, the history of Quebec and Canada, historiography, philosophy, internationalism, nationalisms, feminist studies and those of the First Nations…

There are works in French, English, Russian, German and other languages.

 Stanley Ryerson at Lorne Ave.

CIRFA intends to contribute to breaking down the artificial compartmentalization of the production of progressive thought and activist knowledge. The Stanley Bréhaut Ryerson Research Centre encourages academic and activist research in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Canada / Quebec. It’s aim is to energise the exchanges between the sites of intellectual production of knowledge and the concrete realities of workers and their basic human needs.

Rooted in the founders’ fields of research, CIRFA maintains a special interstest in numerous issues: capitalist globalization and imperialism; the Canadian confederacy, its political past and future; First Nation questions, rights, conditions, and struggles; the French Canadians, Quebeckers, linguistic stakes, the national question and state independence; culture, integration, marginalization, ethnicity and immigration; the link between nationalism and popular movements and civil society; the history of the Quebec and Canadian labour movement and its situation in North America; theories of political action and ideology in Quebec; the anatomy, forms and structures of Canadian and Quebec capitalism; Quebec, Canada and imperialism; the status of women and their political struggles; secularism, socialism and religions; socialist stategies in the countries of the periphery and the dialectic of international and transnational relations; the state of and questions of academic order in Canada and in Quebec; science, technology and social transformation…

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Academic, activist, internationalist and anti-capitalist workshops devoted to self learning

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Understanding before acting is capital!

Classical heterodox progressive reading material

Cahier I : Matérialisme Historique ; Cahier II : l’État ; Cahier III : l’impérialisme : Cahier IV : L’internationalisme. Cahier V : Révolutions

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