University Practicums


Practicum in research, administration, and scientific writing

CIRFA offers an internship program for three university credits in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Under academic supervision, write a synthesis work in the form of a scientific article relating to the researcher’s field of interest and the collection.
  • Catalogue in the trainee’s field of interest (author, and/or subject).
  • Present the article in public or in a working group (i.e. at a conference).
  • Participate in the development of one scientific and animation activities (discussion circle, conferences, raising awareness, Norman Bethune project, networking).
  • Assist in the organization and presentation of the collection.
Participant requirements
(Level and curriculum)

Completion of the baccalaureate, period of study, or writing of a master’s degree in social sciences or humanities. Supervision is carried out by university-level faculty members of the Center or faculty members from Quebec universities who agree to participate in the supervision. Internship provides 3 credits.


Ability to write and work independently; have a sense of initiative; ability to work in a team; and/or a strong interest in internationalism, worker status, and social justice.

Working languages: French, English and Spanish.


The Center is located at 160 St-Viateur-Est, suite 707 in Montreal. The Center aims to promote research from a progressive point of view. It seeks to assist those who wish to deepen their knowledge of historical materialism and internationalism theory by providing them with access to a specialized library and documentation. The Center is organized on the basis of research projects or activities. To this end, the library arranges a collection of some 15,000 books and periodicals dealing with economics, political economy, philosophy, history, political science, sociology, as well as a compilation of documents relating to the history of the workers’ movement and internationalism throughout the world.

Unpaid Developmental Training

Although not remunerated, the 3-credit course allows researchers to deepen their knowledge and work alongside a research center that promotes the emulation and consolidation of their knowledge. The Center allows scholars in the various disciplines of the social sciences to relate their research; to exchange opinions individually and through symposia or study days; and to produce materials for use in a master’s thesis or an article. A scientific article sanctions the final report.

The application file

The contents of the application should include:

  • A CV.
  • Up-to-date transcripts
  • Research project, publications or draft project
  • If possible a letter of recommendation

Send the file with subject line STAGE to

The period and duration of the internship

The training period is one term from the start of the academic sessions. The trainee must ensure a physical presence of at least 5 hours per week at the training site.


The deadline for applications is three weeks after the beginning of the academic sessions.

For more information on internships at UQAM, see the guide and internship report:
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